maslangat background

Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia
This association has been established and registered officially on July 30, 2007 and by registration number 1466-07-SEL. It is an association comprising of senior citizens around the Hulu Langat and nearby areas. This association has also been developed from time to time whereby the total of membership at present is 339 people and is expected to increase in future.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Committee for 2012-2015 Session


President: Haji Abd Hamid b. Mohamed 
Deputy President: Haji Zainal Badri b. Pandak Ahmad 
Secretary: Haji Shuib b. Dahaban
Asst. Secretary: Hajjah Z. Akmar bt. Haji Abd Hamid 
Treasurer: Puan Annie Lee Yee Chee 
Committee 1: Haji Jamaludin b. Ismail 
Committee 2: Puan Rokiah bt. Ahmad
Committee 3: Encik Togin b. Sardan 
Committee 4: Haji Sahibon b. Mohd Yusof 
Committee 5: Haji Hamdan b. Ibrahim
Committee 6: Hajjah Norsidar bt. Sukor
Committee 7: Puan Sharifah Radziah bt. Syed Yusof 
Committee 8: Puan Paridah bt. Bahari 
Committee 9: Haji Mohammed Kassim b. Noordin
Committee 10: Encik Jamal b. Mohammed Basri
Committee 11: Haji Baharuddin b. Zailon
Committee 12: Haji Mohd Noor b. Haji Ibrahim
Committee 13: Encik Ishak b. Mohd Noor
Committee 14: Encik Mohd Nasir b. Husin
Committee 15: En. Hashim b. Mohd Taib
Accountant 1: Encik Daniel b. Daud
Accountant 2: Encik Roslen b. Abdullah

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