maslangat background

Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia
This association has been established and registered officially on July 30, 2007 and by registration number 1466-07-SEL. It is an association comprising of senior citizens around the Hulu Langat and nearby areas. This association has also been developed from time to time whereby the total of membership at present is 339 people and is expected to increase in future.


Overview of activities

1.    Exercise as a core activity - (Senior Citizen Fitness Program)
Exercise conducted in the morning for an hour starting at 8.00 led by a qualified Sports Officer in sports science from UKM Medical Centre (PPUKM).

2.    Health & Fitness Screening
Filter-filter "in-situ" at the exercise site in Hulu Langat done at least once a year for all of the health and fitness. The doctors and other medical technical staff involved in this activity. In addition, associations' members also selected to participate in projects of a more comprehensive screening, such as "The Malaysian Cohort" at the national level.

3.    Health & Fitness Talks:
Talks were presented by experts in various fields of medicine, nutrition, fitness and safety alert aimed at members about the issues and problems involved, including the issue of kidney disease and others.

4.  "Mind Development Corner" (SPM): 
SPM move the minds of members from all walks of Emas Langat, regardless of their economic and educational levels to think and evaluate critically important angles in the twists and turns of their life experiences and shares in a ceremony of formal discussions with other partners. Mental health is achieved through this program segment is expected to be shaving the total health goals of Emas Langat.

5.    Capacity Development:
Every senior citizen of Langat is determined to continuously improve themselves at the individual level to gain knowledge in any field of use such as cooking, gardening, landscaping, mushroom cultivation, computer, language and the now available under the program of the University Era Ketiga/U3A. At the organizational level, the development of senior citizen organizations in Malaysia are expected to be initiated by first growing understanding of the management. In this regard, the Golden Langat took the initiative to organize Senior Citizens Organization Management Workshop will be started in the first quarter of 2009.In addition there are other generic courses such as Farai'dh course is open to all senior citizens in the district.

6.    Dissemination activities and inculcation of the idea of ​​a healthy and active elderly:
With the aimed to disseminate healthy practices were being implemented and to be cultivated in subsistence, Emas Langat also go and do the activities of "outreach". In this connection a Joint Senior Citizen Health at Campaign Health Clinic Batu 9 Cheras was successfully held in 2008. Two runs' events were held at Menara Kuala Lumpur, one on July 19 and another on December 20, 2008 which aimed to open the eyes of the community about the ability of senior citizens.

7.    Study visits (Physical Touring):
Physical Touring were an integral part of healthy living of Emas Langat. In 2008, four places could be visited by members of the institution PERKID WA, a Senior Citizens Activity Center (PAWE) in Bangsar, Aljenderami Complex in Selangor and socio-economic institutions and culture in Terengganu Darul Iman.

8.    Other social and charitable activities:
In an effort to Emas Langat involved with the community, the association also organized and executed Ibadah Qurban of 3 cows on 2009.

9.    Management & Administration:
The main activities to date involving the four stages of the meeting:
           i.   Meeting
           ii.  Joint Management Meeting PPUKM
           iii. Special Committee Meeting
           iv. Annual General Meeting

Rentak 14 Season II

A fitness program "Rentak 14 Season II" has already done from June 2011 till April 2012 organized at activity center of Senior Citizens Association of Hulu Langat at Batu 14, Hulu Langat. The program supported by the Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia (LPKM) was a string of previous fitness program which is participated by members of this association. Program that lasted for six months is intended to promote and support healthy lifestyles through physical activity among senior citizens in the vicinity of Hulu Langat and the nearby areas. Other than regular exercise, this program also provides lectures, collaborative exercise and also to clear up the cemetery, physical touring and more. The existence of such a program, we hopes to build a model for the community, particularly the importance of malaysian healthy lifestyle and active in our living environment.

Power Walks
  • The program was organized by the Hulu Langat Elderly that aimed to stimulate community participation in exercise through the Power Walks approach while supporting the programs of the Ministry of Health.
  • Held for 24 sessions (6 months) every Sunday.
  • Power Walks program involves general exercise (aerobics) specific exercises (walking exercises inthe group), National Physical Fitness Test (UKJK), Health Screening, competition and Final Mini Power Walk.
  • Training led by professional coaches.
  • Any form of accidents is the responsibility of participants. 
  • Participants will be supplied with T-shirts, record books, training program, National Physical Fitness Test (UKJK), Health Screening and all these items was free of charge and it depends on sponsorship.  

International Golden Towerthon 2009

The purpose of this program was to increase funds for a fitness program of development of this elderly which is PPUKM as an important leader of this program aimed to organize an international race was named "International Golden Towerthon 2009" which held at KL Tower on July 26, 2009.

Program Objectives:
  • Promote exercise and fitness as an important disease control strategy to the public senior citizens.
  • To promote Malaysia as a leading initiator of fitness activities that involve the senior citizens.
  • Encourage the general public for senior citizens particularly interested in physical activity as a lifestyle that must be done.
  • To obtain funds for development programs and facilitate mysenamdotcom thereon.

Rentak 14

General objective:

Developed a healthy lifestyle initiatives and active (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social) for senior citizens special.

Specific Objectives:
Provide special fitness activities for elderly.
  • Guided aerobic activity from PPUKM Instructors (3 times per week) - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Exercise gardening around the site of exercise (3 times per week after aerobic activities) - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Exercise cooperated to clean the field of exercise to improve infrastructure around the site of exercise (1 time per month) - Sunday week 2 or 4.
  • Aerobics moves (outreach) to selected area around Klang Valley (1 times per 2 month)
  • Worked together to clean the graves as an exercise activities (1 time per month) - Friday.
Provide activities to built a special building for elderly. 
  • Senior Citizens' FAQ  & Health Screening Test (2 times) - Month 1 and Month 4
  • Clinic fitness senior citizens' questionairre (2 times) - Month 2 and Month 6
  • FAQ nutrition clinic for senior citizens (1 time) - Month 3
  • Clinic of leadership Senior Citizens' FAQ  (1 time) - Month 5
 Provide a healthy leisure activities specially for the elderly.
  • Fitness on a study tour in the country (one time only).
  • Fitness on a study tour abroad (one time only).
  • Training and fitness coaching to join competitions (2 times).
Provide active lifestyle modules elderly.
  • Developed any modules that related to elderly especially in health and fitness' aspects.